It’s a Meatless Monday

A few years ago, I became a mostly vegetarian…for a few months  (only my medications would not have been considered vegetarian.)  It was not a huge leap as the religion I grew up in is vegetarian/vegan.  {My family was not, but school and church 100% no meat]. So it was a little leap to adopt vegetarianism but it was a HUGE learning experience. There are many types of vegetarians.  Did you know being vegetarian is at times considered the same as being a meat eater? Only 100% vegan will do! I didn’t realize how much vitriol was lurking in this area of life until those few months.  And I couldn’t abide it.  What you eat is not my business…neither is what I eat yours. I will not judge anyone for what they do and do not eat.

Anyway, by the end I was so ill, I couldn’t keep it up.  If this is a lifestyle you are going to consider please do not do what I did and just jump in.  I thought that because I was familiar with it, I would be able to do it. Not the case! Please have a plan.  Be sure to replace the protein and vitamins you will be walking away from.  I did not do this, and since I’m not a fan of beans and protein shakes were not on my radar at the time. I had a huge hole in my diet.  Anyway, If I ever  pick it up again, I hope to go about it more sensibly. Let’s celebrate a Meatless Monday with a cute non meat eater, a cartoon non meat eater My Almost Vegetarian blog which I still add a post to every now and then and PETA.

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