Want a better life in one month?

I read a little article the other day about ways to improve your life in a month.  I read it very cautiously because it was clear to me that many of the life improvement tips were actually things that Jesus advised…in the Bible – but the author clearly was not writing from such an angle.  I’m not even sure he knew the Jesus angle.  He was able to attribute his new and awesome tips to spiritual leaders, health bloggers and even Oprah! I absolutely believe following some of these tips can indeed improve your life. Will it take a month? I don’t know – it will take you as long as it takes to make following some of the tips a habit.
Here are my tips that have made the month a little easier for me

1. Limit time on Social Media – no more than 45 mins per day
2. Read some portion of the Bible each day*
3. Take a Break – Have a cup of tea, listen to something pretty, read something uplifting, write an encouraging note
4. Limit the amount of news I watch – By far the most difficult for me
5. Exercise – even if it is for 5 minutes

Heart Advice


*(I like the Bible Study plans on YouVersion as short 1 day to as long as 365 days)




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