You win some, you lose some

physical-therapy-clip-artPT is really difficult, but I must stick with it.  My body will function better for it.  A new dangerous habit I’m forming is needing to have  coffee or green tea in order to have a little energy – either to make it through the exercises or to make it through the rest of the day. This article talks about caffeine myths, but since Im experiencing some of these “myths” I’m not sure.
UPDATE: I practiced the stairs today! And completed all of my exercises. I kicked MS in the butt today…then it proceeded to try to get me back by snatching all of my balance for the next hour.Despite having treatment in July, all the numbness has returned. My dr said one of the lesions in my neck might be awake and that my therapy my not be working as well as it should.  Since I’m in my 10th year of MS, she also said it might be time to see a specialist.  If I am JC negative, Tysabri could be my next therapy – but seeing how my insurance does not cover it on their formulary…
Tysabri is a once a month infusion as opposed to a shot or pill every or every other day. It has good results if it works for you, but it also brings with it the possibility of a more devastating illness than MS. What a decision to make. If it works for you, you might just get some of your life back, if it works against you, you might develop a rare brain infection and die.  I don’t really want to voice or give a pen to my opinion right now.

I really want this shirt, if only to wear inside of my home. It makes me smile and feel a little better.




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