Reading Challenge Check Up


The loving arms of literature has been comforting to me in the past few weeks.  Ive bought about 5 books, but I find myself picking up  books that I’ve already read.

shrill2 I did dig into Shrill by Lindy West.  It was heavy no pun intended. I feel like there will people who identify and people who do not. She put words to so much of what I have lived.  It was strange that someone else was relating some of my experiences growing up.  I so often felt alone.  Hmm,   Perhaps these days people might understand a little more the words just because you haven’t experienced it does not mean it does not exist or is not true..but maybe not. Either way, you should not be a jerk to people and deny someone’s experience.

Ive also been able to get my hands on thspynesse latest  Royal Spyness Mystery – which almost always comes out around my birthday. Visiting with Georgie is usually fun, but it’s a bit tedious right now.

And of course in honor of the Netflix release The Little Prince, One of my favorites. Another which can be finished within a day.









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