Life right now

pYesterday was IVSM Day 5 and I was so pleased to make it without the horrible headaches – Ha! It’s like my body said – we have a few hours, let’s get some hits in. My BP skyrocketed and along with my pounding head came the appearance of designs on everything including my skin and something new – hallucinations! It was one of the scariest headaches I have ever had in my life.  I’m thinking it was some kind of steroid induced super migraine -ache. Anyway, that is why this post is late.  I did attempt to post yesterday, it just was not happening. 😦

Can I tell you how happy I am it is over? I’m pretty weak and physical therapy starts Monday. I always feel like they resent coming out for someone so young younger than they are used to.  Like PT is not for you, it’ s for people who cant get out of their beds.  Well me not being able to get out my house kinda equals that for me.

This little company’s cheerful sleeves and absolutely stellar customer service helped give me life last week. Sleeves are exactly what they say they are. they protect and cover your line or cast without you having to put an extra shirt on, and I really like them. I initially ordered an XL sleeve but when I measured my arm (as I should have before ordering )it said I was an M, the proprietors were kind enough to send me the other sizes.  Now I think I could have gotten away with an S because I was not covering a cast  but a line, fortunately I was not about to embarrass myself again by ordering another size! So if you ever come in need of a cast or line cover, try this company please.

Really trying to hold on to intentional calm these days. The vibe in this country is so poisonous right now. It is painful to hear how cavalier calling for someone’s death has become. No big deal. Ive been accused of being an idealist, and maybe I am. I just refuse to believe that two human beings can’t use the brains they were given to reason. It is infuriating knowing they just wont use their minds. They get a pass. :-/





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