A Mixed Bag

I’ve been on a little social media break, because I felt I needed it for my heart, my mind and my body. EXHAUSTED
Unusual fatigue (even for me) and a completely numb body are what caused me to call my doctor.  And while she was going to just give me a course of prednisone (my initial request), by the time we spoke a little she thought I needed IVSM again.   Wait, didn’t you just have that in April? Why yes, yes I did, but I feel so crummy, I readily agreed.   I also realized that I wasn’t just being overly dramatic when I would write – I cant or I cant even.  Information doesn’t just affect my mind. It affects my body too.  Sometimes it’s ok to pull back a bit. So I’m in the waiting for my insurance to approve the medication game right now.  Anyway, that’s what I’m dealing with, but I’m leaving you with some happy news.

It is National French Fry Day!!
If you can have fries, and they make you happy you should be sure to have some today! Here are some links to recipes, deals and freebies!


Knowing what our country has been going through and dealing with, this post seems frivolous but maybe we also need a moment. We can carry on – tomorrow.





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