It Makes Me Wonder

What happened before cell phone cameras.

In a strange space between heartbroken and angry this morning.

It’s so difficult to see your former classmates in tears, beside themselves wondering what they will do to protect their children.  What they will one day tell the sons they have borne.  These feelings were not limited to one race.  They were the feelings of a parent.

Yesterday I experienced something surreal.  Just about every person of color, or parent of a child or spouse of color on my FB feed, many times at the point of tears shared their hearts, shared a word, wondered out loud  what in the world was going on- and everyone who was not said – nothing.  Not even the Christians.

I know that is not how it was for everyone , just talking about my experience yesterday. I guess I need to follow more people.

I know we live in different worlds – we have different existences.  I get it.  What’s difficult is when others would deny your very experience in this country…because it is not their experience.

I don’t know, just devastated today. We may be different, but at least we are all human.  It sucks when the shade of your skin causes others to wonder if they should acknowledge that.



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