Challenge Check In


So last month I attempted to tackle the book that intimidates me.  I had not planned on it being Eleanor and Park, but a $1.99 sale changed that. This book came out in 2013 and I avoided reading it because I was concerned about the feelings that would come about. What actually happened was a surprise.  Thoughts from my writing journal.

e&pThis week I read Eleanor & Park and I knew I would be affected by it, but I did not expect the way in which I was affected.  It kinda came out out of left field. Eleanor’s relationship with her family is what threw me.  I’ve been dealing with those dredged up memories and feelings for the week.  I just was not expecting my strongest feelings to be about her family life – NOT her and Park, I thought I would have been bummed out that I never had a Park when I was in high school…but nope – those feelings didn’t come.  Did I forget that I’m grown up now?  In high school I would not have been able to appreciate such a relationship. I understood why it became so popular though.  It’s a sweet story of two misfits who didn’t quite fit in anywhere else- finding each other and finally fitting in.  Like puzzle pieces.


I also read a book that fulfilled – I book I owned but hadn’t read before and a book that was finished in a day – Maleficent


Reading Rainbow Rowell again did inspire me to once again pick up Fangirl, which I liked the first time I read it and fulfilled the 12th book of the challenge. I liked it the second time I read it too!

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