Keep on Growing

WIPLast week, I intentionally aimed to spend less time in Facebook, because I am recognizing that although at times I get to see positive posts from friends and family, a lot more often, I leave there a great deal more distraught than happy.  When I left from my 15 minute FB visit angry as fire on Friday, I thought perhaps  I should try to maintain this limiting FB  practice. It really helped to keep some of my peace last week.  Who knew?!

This weekend I found a blog that I kept in 2012. Apparently, I attempted to write in it every day, I made 258 days. I read some of it and remember some of the situations. Unfortunately, I absolutely do not remember keeping the blog – I mean AT ALL. I stumbled upon it, I did not go in search of it.  I’m not quite sure what to make of that.  No memory of keeping that one.  Maybe because it would’ve been the THIRD journal I wrote in those days.  Can yall believe that?  There was a time in my life that I kept 3 daily journals – that is bananas!!  Who has time to do all of that?  (Apparently, I did!) I wonder what it was I filled those pages with. If I am fortunate these days, I can record something in one of the various things I have to record things in.

I now aim for one entry, and am so happy when I get that opportunity 🙂

Always growing, always a Work in Progress.

*I do not think I have a style story…not even sure what that is.

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