puddingToday is for puddings and porridge.  I did not lose my teeth, but my body is so over taxed in this moment, I need to give gentle care.  I’m not certain how easy dairy is on  the system though.  Maybe I can try a non dairy offering. Maybe I can try some broth? You know, as long as it has actual minerals and not a boatload of salt! In all this “trying” It would be in my best interest to not neglect rest. I haven’t been to bed yet. I should try starting there.broth-600x450

2 thoughts on “Nourish

  1. Dairy isn’t easy on my system, sadly. I tried having broth alone, but it’s a taste I haven’t (yet?) acquired. I do enjoy and feel heartened by soup using the broth I make, usually with mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, sea veggies, and a dash of scallions. This sounds like a strange breakfast to sike, but it has come to be my favorite. 🙂


    • No not strange at all, Id rather have a soup because it is easier to swallow and has a lot of nutrients! I had considered a nut mlk for a simple porridge, but it woud never work for 1something heartier like kheep. The mild flavor is what acts like a salve to my tortured taste buds. I still havent been to sleep but I have half a soup onr

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