2016 Reading Challenge Check in

2016readingchallengeI’m still trying to keep up with this challenge. In March I read All 4 in the audio series of the book recommended by my sister – The Yada, Yada Prayer Group twice.  I also read another book you can read in one day – Timeless Tales of Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit and Friends.  I’d never read these stories as a child.

The last book I read can ultimately count for 3 selections. A book I’ve been meaning to read, A book I own but have never read and a book I started, but never finished.  When I started reading the 1500 page   A Suitable Boy – MS had just started to wrap its fingers around my ability to comfortably read paper books. After reading the 1st 30 pages (it took me forever) I gave up.  When I saw it available as an audio play, I took the chance.  I finished listening to it a lot sooner than I would’ve finished reading it. Although Im not sure I can count it as a book – I know it wouldnt fly for purists…

Which I’ve never claimed to be 🙂

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