2 thoughts on “The closest to seeing Hamilton

  1. My husband and I accidentally stumbled across a sound recording from Hamilton a couple of months back, I think while trying to answer some question D had for us. I actually proposed buying tickets and finding a way to make it work, so captivated was I by that song and the song that followed. I’ll be checking this out!

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    • The Hamilton Cast recording is amazing. I’ve been a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan since In the Heights, and recommended Hamilton to my friends before it hit Broadway. The tickets were $85 then, after 2 months Broadway snatched it up. It has been almost impossible to get tickets for the show since then because it’s the talk of the town, and if perhaps you are able to put the money down, I hear it’s about $300. I’m not sure if that is true, I didn’t even go to look. I have Amazon Prime and the cast recording is free to listen to lol. That is what I have to be content with for now. And I am, because it’s so good. I think it is such a fun way to learn about Alexander Hamilton. I hope you and your family get to experience Hamiltom. LMM is a genius!

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