Cloudy Days



#70 – I love cloudy days

Ever since I was a little girl, I have loved cloudy days. They feel cozy to me. I remember being in 4th grade when I told my mother of my love for cloudy days. She asked me why and told me that the Bible said that only evil men loved darkness.
I then became frightened that I was an evil man, and decided I should like sunny days instead, and I tried, but my heart would twinkle when it was cloudy.
It still does. I don’t think I am evil though. I just like clouds.

Funny enough, in my early 20’s I developed sensitivity to sunlight, I can’t be in it for long periods of time. So, the sun doesn’t like me either. We have an understanding.

Still love cloudy days.  I’m pretty sure that the darkness the Bible was referring to, was not clouds :).  I like looking at (not being in) sunny days too! As long as the humidity is in check – I’m happy. Happy to be alive to see it.

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