Cool Beans

beans#57- I really, really …do not care for beans or peas or lentils
and I never have.
If peas are in a samosa or chick peas are in roti I might swallow them, but
I cannot get down with mushy foods.

I will cook them for other people though, if they want.

Shh, do you hear that? Listen.  It’s God chuckling at me.  I have never liked mushy foods.  I was 16 before I even tried mashed potatoes and I didn’t try avocado until I was an adult.  The texture of mushy foods just never sat well with me.  So much has happened since I wrote that.  A lovely case of Dysphagia can change your mind about many things – very quickly.   There are a few foods that I can eat comfortably right now – avocado toast, mashed potatoes and soup – mushy food.  I can’t believe it.   I’m very grateful for…some mushy foods!

Oh and I still don’t care for beans – unless its a green bean.
I do not begrudge your love of them. I can/will still prepare them for you.

But, I’m not trying to eat them.

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