You know the drill 🙂
#64 – My name was changed by my classmates
When I was in 2nd grade, a popular show at the time featured a song about a hamburger. It just so happened that the name of the burger was the first part of my own name, and thus became my nickname.
The memorization skills of children are amazing, and so the next day as a form of teasing the Maxie’s Hamburger song was on everyone’s lips. It was also the song for the day after that, and the one after that too. It eventually died out, but for the next six years, I was still called Maxi*burger by my 2nd grade classmates. For some that was too long and they would just call me “burger”.

True Story.

I was not offended, actually, I think you haven’t lived until you’ve been called an item of food for 6 years. It became a term of endearment. You know what strikes me?  Only my 2nd grade classmates would be able to share in this memory. No one else ever called me Burger, but them.  The fact that I still remember all of the words to that hamburger song, should embarrass me.



2 thoughts on “Burger

  1. I still occasionally find folks who call me “Phil.” Anyone who calls me that knew my high school junior/senior year. 🙂


    • There’s something special about it. It’s like before you were the person people know today you were “special nickname”. Hopefully if there were any changes they were the good kind, but still, it’s a moment to visit your old self.

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