I fancy a great pair of glasses

Years ago when I used to keep the 2nd blog I ever had, I would sometimes post little facts about myself with a number beside it. I guess I thought people cared? But more importantly, I think I was learning me.  Not sure, but sometimes, I’ll stumble on one of these then facts and remember myself at the time.  In many cases, they are still facts, but some of them are not – I’m not quite the me I was then. Pink text means I wrote it today.


#82- I have 4 eyes! (and I’m fabulous)

Watch out GGG ahead! What’s a GGG you ask? Gorgeous Girl with Glasses of course! Never before has someone been more proud of having poor eyesight.I have worn glasses since I was 7 years old, I used to hate them then. I remember one day, a little boy who thought very much of himself, boasted to his friends that I did not need glasses, in fact, I just got them because I liked him.

Some nerve, actually I think that kid thought the sun didn’t rise until he got up in the morning. So anything someone did was for his glory. Since then Ive grown to love them. I could’ve been prescribed contacts when I was 14, but my mom wasn’t trying to hear, see or pay for that.

Anyway, by the time I paid for my own eye wear, I only wanted to purchase glasses. I paid a pretty penny for my last pair. (They are glasses, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t look good) but ordering glasses online has become popular. [My now MS speckled eyes are very difficult to fit for glasses these days, and I really do need to try for a new prescription sooner than later, but now it’s  just such a nuisance to be honest. I don’t see things right away, my vision builds. I remember when I first posted this I waxed poetic about my feather light, anti-glare, some famous person specs,  Now I will gladly settle for glasses I can see out of! How privileged I am to even have glasses at all.]

Truth is, even if I did wear contact lenses, I would probably still wear non prescription glasses.

I think they are very attractive.

And of course they give me superpowers that non glasses wearing folks can’t even fathom! 😎

[It was interesting to read this, I feel the confidence this girl exudes. Some parts I scrapped altogether because, as much as I still love glasses, I don’t express myself in the same way. Still think I’m a GGG though.]

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