Reading Challenge Check Up


This challenge suggests 12 books for the year.  Allows for reading a book a month which depending on your situation may be doable.

One of the books I finished this month was Pride & Prejudice. It fulfills two suggestions, a book I should have read in school (I watched the movie, more than once and in several different versions (this and this and this and this) but I never read it.  I’m glad I did.  It was even more entertaining than the movies.  P&P would also count as a book published before I was born, before you were born too I’m sure.

I’ve also listened to the, the book I’ve been meaning to read, and the book recommended by a bookseller.

Confession time, I think I’m escaping into these books. All that life is providing me right now, makes it favorable. Although The Handmaid’s Tale, which I finished today was nothing to escape to.  I’m in need of a happy story.  One where the underdog wins.  Perhaps Matilda is on the horizon. Do you know of any happy stories?

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