Shortest Day of the Year

I did make the “meat” balls last week – with ground pecans.  They were surprisingly good, a recipe I will add to my collection, but must be made cautiously.  People have nut allergies.  My father never used to be allergic to nuts, now he cannot eat them raw.  His face swells up.  It dangerous.

Today I will try to make cookies.  Something Lemon.  I remember making a crispy yet chewy lemon gift cookie at Christmastime some years ago – many years ago.   Very happy memories in the kitchen  – when I was able to stand a lot longer. I really do need to look into getting a kitchen bench or something. :-/

It is the shortest day of the year.  Winter begins today.  Besides 2 or 3 days, the weather here has been more like spring than winter here in the city.  Most of the stock of winter coats and boots are all on sale up to 70% off.  Christmas Eve will be at least 70 degrees – I cant even fathom that.

At least I have a lovely winter song

It’s a short day, read a short book!


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