Books – my drug of choice

There is something about this date that I love.  The 21st of any month is a favorite.

theablesYesterday I finished a book called The Ables.  It is a YA book, and though there were some parts that dragged, it was ultimately pretty good.  I see potential in this book, as  in, he could continue this story.  I also see it as a book that male  students might not mind picking up.  Disabled super heroes, doing awesome things occasionally and failing spectacularly – occasionally  – as we all do.  How can you go wrong? I did read some of the one star reviews and my goodness – the brutality.  In any case, if you don’t mind YA and want an interesting, but not at all “light and airy” read, give it a try.

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of reading (listening) lately.  Still medicineless and in exacerbation, not much more I can or want to do.   I’ve read two other really interesting YA books, a book from a “popular series” which I couldn’t stomach or finish.  I picked up an oldie but goodie, and  started a top 10 of 2015 book this morning also I’m on my 3rd “comfort” book.  These are books that I listen to during down times, usually narrated by Katherine Kellgren, Lisette Lecat or David Suchet.  Add a nice cup of mint tea or a great mug of cocoa, and it’s like a hug.

Featured image is Some of My Best Friends by Nidhi Chanani

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