Holiday Reading


I think perhaps one of the most if not the most famous Christmas Story is A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, but there are many other stories, like The Snowman, which I think many of us remember as an animated feature, with a very memorable song.  And a precious little story that I heard this week called The Shoemaker Martin, by Leo Tolstoy (but it is also known as – where love is, God is).  One of the most enjoyable stories that I have read during Christmas time is The 12 Clues of Christmas – A Royal Spyness Mystery, but I almost didn’t read it.

Quite a few years ago, I read a “Christmas” book, that turned out to be one of the worst books I have ever read.  It was by a well known author, very popular in her genre, and it just felt like her publishers told her she could make a killing with a holiday book, so she should put something together….no just bash something together, it did not matter what it was about.  Her fans were not pleased with my very unbiased review.
The next year I picked up another holiday book which for some reason they claimed was based on a Bible story. Here is a piece of my actual review for that one – It is as if someone told this author, take a Bible story and then turn it into your fantasy life where you’re outrageously rich, all women look like models, and all men sexually desire the one model woman you are with.  Degrade a female minority and claim she is delighted by it, then be the hero of your family. Finally, slap a $15 price tag on it and sell it during the holidays.
I had NO problem returning that book.  I took pleasure in calling Audible to get my credit back.

I vowed never to buy another holiday themed book again, especially if this- beyond Hallmark movie corniness was what they were offering.    A few years ago, I started to read the Her Royal Spyness Mysteries.  They were light , and they were pleasant enough, but when I saw that there was a holiday book, I was skeptical.  but I noticed it was not set apart, but just the next number in the series – first good sign.  I proceeded with caution knowing what I had encountered before.  My finger was poised to hit the “return” button, but it was not meant to happen.  The story line was interesting, and even a bit clever.  I was absolutely not disappointed.  I have listened to it each Christmas season since. I started listening again yesterday. The season has begun!

What do you read at Christmas time?

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