Some things I’ve Learned


1. NEVER compare yourself to others – never.

2. It’s ok to be frustrated, but don’t let frustration stop you.

3. It is important to be and stay grounded while attempting to build your career. (Refer to #14)

4. Combat writer’s block by doing other creative things or writing in a different genre

5. Pick a quality author’s blog and become a regular reader, also stock your personal library with books on the craft of writing – be sure to read them! And apply some of what you have learned.

6. Familiarize yourself with some of the tools and options available to you as a writer

7. Take some time to just be still and observe.  Writers are observers, Then they write about what they have observed. An over heard conversation makes its way to your characters’ dialog or a hidden situation is exposed in your letter to the editor.  It all starts with observing.

8. If you look to please everyone, you will never get anything done

9. You must believe in your writing

10. You must read! It’s fundamental 😉

11. Your work will be a labor of love. You don’t have to love it, you might not even like it, but you must respect it.  I once read a short story where I could tell that the author was tired of his protagonist.  We went from her story, and then somehow we were more privy to her married boyfriend’s life, and when you think – hey, wait a minute what happened to the protagonist? A few lines later she does show up (the author knew what we were thinking) only to die from  expired medication or something.  How you feel about your work just may leave its fingerprints on it.

12. You should intentionally build your writing community

13. You should be willing to continue to learn

14. Don’t be a jerk! Contrary to popular belief it is NOT cute.

15. You must Write!

“Until you understand why you write, you’ll have a hard time figuring out who you are as a writer.” ~ JAMES GRIPPANDO

While I was writing the post yesterday on the privilege of writing, I thought back to what I wrote the first time I felt as if I was breaking out of the writer’s block.  I thought it was so important to read again, I went and looked for it so I could share it with you. Thanks for spending these past 30 days with me.  It was wonderful to remember some of the things that I have learned. I hope November treated you well!

I wrote it, and it was terrible, but it was mine.  I created something that is now a part of this world, that was only a part of my mind at this time yesterday.

That is awe inspiring. 

In other words, It’s awesome!

I wrote it, and it was terrible (by many standards perhaps) but it was mine! And I can write again tomorrow and perhaps improve it, just with what I think of today.

Writers, do you know how powerful you are? We have the potential to change the world.  At the very least, the potential to change someone’s world.

I forget sometimes…

Maybe you forget sometimes too.

But we should not forget *hugs*.

Hey, did you know that tomorrow is National Author’s Day? I didn’t.  It even has a hash tag #authorday it was already trending on twitter for a while this morning.


Power of the Pen



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