You’ve got some nerve

nerveIn other news- Writing Day 28 post 2-And it is a good thing, because you have to have a bit of nerve to put your heart or your head out onto a document for others to go through with a fine tooth comb… if you are lucky.  Most people don’t have time or energy or manners, but we’ll write until you pay attention.

Write until your thoughts are so loud, you can’t be ignored.

P.S. Can you believe we have made it to day 28 guys?  Wow, you’re awesome, we’re awesome! We’re Writers!

4 thoughts on “You’ve got some nerve

  1. It is hard putting yourself out there. Thankfully I’ve not had problems with trolls, but I’m also pretty fast on reviewing comments and not approving new commenters until I look at their websites.



    • This was the first day in a very long time that Ive had any comments. I saw and deleted two that had not made it to pos because my settings are such that unless youve been approved before, your comment is stuck in moderation. Fir both of my sites the comment section is pretty strict. How are you doing Nancy?

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      • I’m doing good. As you’ve noticed, I’ve not been blogging much or checking the blogs of others. My hubby’s arm surgery (he’s doing well), the job, and other things have been in the way. I hope December will be better, but we’ll see.


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