Writer’s Tools 2 (The yummy kind)

I was doing some research on writer’s inspiration, and up popped this cool chart:


In other news: Writing Day – 26 – My inspiration of choice? Hot drinks.   I would say cocoa, tea and Mocha are a part of my writing tools.  I had cocoa today, hot chocolate makes me happy. I make my own concoction with Milo, Cadbury’s drinking chocolate and a pinch of salt. I love tea. I’ve really fallen in love with Twinings Winter Spice Tea (with the addition of 3 Claey’s lemon drops) this fall and occasionally, I whip up this Pumpkin Spice Latte which is probably cheating according to purists, but I have never claimed to be, and this is yummy and free! I don’t need a red cup. 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving USA!!


What are your yummy writing tools?

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