If You Cannot Write


In other news: – Writing Day 25 – One of the first things to take a hit after my MS diagnosis was my easy ability to read.  I went from one book a week to one book a year (The struggle was real). After learning how to listen to books, I did make it back up to  52 books a year, and because I now listened to them, I’ve heard books that I likely would not have picked up on my own, and that has  been a pleasure.  Even when it is a book I did not enjoy,  the chances that I’ve still learned something is 100%.
Let’s learn some other reasons why writers should make reading a habit.

Why Writers Must Read

The Best Advice for Writers : Read.

As side notes, I think my horrible bout with the block marched towards its end when I started to read more and I was getting used to my “new normal”.

I want to encourage you to never start reading books just for your job.  Remember the thrill you had reading when you were younger, and visit it regularly.  Even though I can’t read as I used to, I do still at times buy books, to smell them, to stare at the words, to feel the weight of a book in my hands, and appreciate the beauty of a book I consider to be prettyprettybook

There’s nothing to replace all of that.  No agent, No publishing house, No contract can remind you so fully in your heart of one of your first loves.

Don’t allow anything to replace that spark.

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