Writer’s Block


In other News: Writing Day 23 – I am not one of those people who will tell you that writer’s block is imaginary.  I don’t think it is.  I went through an awful time in my life where even reading about writing was difficult and painful.   I had one of my ideas…”borrowed” (with no intention of giving it back), by an established publication, I was disappointed and confused, then I had an MS diagnosis in the works, and a relationship I should have avoided.  Writing was all I wanted to do, and yet, I was completely unable to do it.  Is there a more miserable feeling? writersblock
It did take quite a while before I summoned the courage to sit down in front of a screen and write something. I started a new blog.  This was my first entry –

“I am a writer, locked in an insecure moment.  Sometimes I suffer for my writing, it’s all so difficult. I read that this is at times normal. You don’t fight for something that comes easy. I will fight for it. ”

I promised myself that whenever I wanted to pour my heart out, I would go to that blog, and I did, but in the meanwhile I also did as many of the recommended block busters as I could.  I took a class, I picked up crocheting again, but just for a moment because….I have MS, I can’t really see.  I re-read my journals, I joined 750words.com (It was helpful when I used it properly).  I was writing more, but still nothing much.  I finally called out the big guns (to me)  I wrote something in a genre that I never usually wrote in, and then I wrote something very poorly.

writersblock2It was writing something poorly that got my foot in the door. I still remember what I wrote the next day:  “It was short. It was terrible. It was mine!” And I was pleased, because I had not written anything in so long. By the time I was able to close up that blog, it was about 2.5 years later.  I know some writers do not believe in writer’s block. I saw a writer refer to it as something that only writers with time on their hands developed, but I have a hard time believing that.  I’ve felt the pain that having writer’s block caused me.    writing-thomasmannI didn’t feel like I had too much time on my hands.  I was grateful for the time I did have.  I can only imagine what my life would have been like if I had a family depending on a paycheck.

If writing is sometimes difficult for you, hang in there, talk to people, read books, make friends with your heart, and do not avoid seeing someone if you need to.

Here is a short list of popular suggestions on how to deal with writer’s block.

Here are five ways to break through writer’s block.
  1. Shift outlets. “Take the pressure off of your writing while you do something else that pleases you creatively,” Hersey said. …
  2. Create backstory for a character. …
  3. Pen 5-minute prompts. …
  4. Read a magazine cover to cover. …
  5. Give yourself permission to write badly.

Creative Cures for Writer’s Block

How have you dealt with Writer’s Block?

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