She’s My Favorite

jhumpa copy

Jhumpa Lahiri – poise and elegance.

In other news: Writing Day 22 – “Among the things you will not find in Jhumpa Lahiri’s fiction are: humor, suspense, cleverness, profound
observations about life, vocabulary above the 10th grade level, footnotes and typographical experiments. It is debatable whether her keyboard even has an exclamation point on it.”
The first thing I thought after I read that opening line was – there is no way this person has read everything Lahiri has ever published, because anyone who has read it all, has found most of those things this person said does not exist! If I haven’t read it all, I’ve read most of it.

 Whenever I read anything by Jhumpa Lahiri, I read it slowly. I am carefully trying to absorb as much insight as I can. She is my favorite writer, author and novelist.  There is a quiet brilliance there that I am fascinated by. I gobble up her writing and it usually is satisfying… I say usually because sometimes it is not. It was when I was first disappointed, and that fact did not cause a her standing as my favorite to falter, I knew it was true love.

The Quiet Laureate is what they have called her for the article.   I loved that because it is what she is.  How quiet her writing was made me notice her writing. Reading her work is where I learned to fall in love with writing that whispers to you.  Writing that forces you to be slightly more quiet than it is so you can understand what is happening. People who prefer the excitement, abandon and explosions of louder writing might take a little longer to appreciate Lahiri’s writing, or they will just call her writing boring and keep on stepping to the next explosion. Lahiri does not strike me as an author who would beg anyone to notice the whispers.

Interpreter of Maladies
I’ve read this book 5 times. Temporary Matter, This Blessed House, Sexy and Third and Final Continent are my favorites.

The Namesake
The first time I read this book – I did not like it. It is now one of my favorite books, and not because there is a character named Maxine. Not because I also am a namesake. I just needed to be in a different place in my life for it to matter as much to me as it does now.

Unaccustomed Earth
Hmm, this was my disappointment, I’d read more than half the book before it came out. And December 26, 2004 – Who can forget what happened that day?

The Lowland
To date, I’ve only read this book once. I’m sure I will read it again, soon.

In Other Words
Coming 2.2016 – she wrote it in Italian!

I’ve also read her articles in The New Yorker.  I loved the one  about her father’s fantastic rice the most.  I was able to create a recipe based on the article and a video of her dad making the rice.  I made it the next week – it was awesome.

The Namesake was also made into a movie


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