Community (not the tv show)


In other news: Writing Day 17 – We’ve touched on writing intentionally in writing groups, but what if a writing group isn’t for you?  Last month I spent a very lonely 31 days writing. Never did I understand more the importance of having a community.  With the abundance of social media it might seem like creating a community would be the easiest thing in the world, but – it isn’t.  You don’t always need a group of people, sometimes you just need one person, but that one person needs to be someone you can depend on.  It is helpful when you know there is someone pulling for you.   When I finished the challenge I came across the series of a fellow writer documenting what life for a novelist was like.  It has been fascinating reading those posts.  Each morning our writer checks in with her accountability partner – 1 text – “I finished” (today’s writing).  When what she is writing is heavy and she needs a pep hug, she checks in with someone else.  When she does not feel like writing, she has another person to get her back on track.  Each step of the way she has had a specific person to cheer her on, advise her, give her a swift kick in the pants or just assure her that she can do it.  That is her community.  Sometimes you don’t need an entire group, but just that one person who makes a world of difference! I really need to start working on getting a community. 🙂

Who is a part of your community?

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