Who are you?

youareawriter1You are a Writer

youareanauthorYou are an author

youareanovelist3You are a Novelist

In other News: Writing Day 14 – What would you say the difference was between these three people?  Here are “official” answers here and here. I’ve noticed that considering yourself to be one of these people is one of the most difficult things for us to do.  Jeff Goins said in his book You are a Writer that to get himself to start believing it, he would add the word “writer” to everything.  I did that too, but sometimes I still wonder.  It was when I heard two friends refer to me as a writer (at different times), I started to believe it a little more.  Believing what other people have said about me is an awful habit I picked up in childhood, and still accosts me sometimes.  This is one of the only times it worked in my favor.
According to one of those “official” answers, I’m more of an author, but – I think I will always refer to myself as a writer. If I could ever be a novelist, that would be such a fun dream, but I do think you have to be able to write a story!

Who are you?

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