What are Your Rules?

writing rulesIn other news: Writing Day 13 – Here are just a few of the rules that I found for writers when I did a search online.  Most of them are pretty reasonable, some of them I would even say are good advice, but every single one of these rules are not for me.  Every single one of these rules are probably not for you either.

Have you ever read the book or seen the movie Cider House Rules? Remember the theme there? Do you remember the one catch about the Cider House Rules?

The person who wrote the rules had never lived in the cider house.

Am I saying that the person who wrote all of the above rules are not writers? No.  What I am saying is that the person reading this right now is the only one who knows what rules will work out.

Write your own rules.

No one knows what works for your mind, your heart and your life like you do.
Make your own rules.
Own your own rules.
Live by the rules that you have determined best work for your writer’s life.

Sometimes you will have to break your rules…

And make new ones

The only rule you should not break?


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