Ahhhh Distraction!


I don’t know how “official” these numbers are, but you would be hard pressed to find a writer who didn’t agree – even just a little!


The Ultimate no distraction writing tool

In other News: Writing Day 8 – My name is Maxine and I am a Distraction MAGNET.  At times, if I am not distracted, I will seek it out!  I don’t know if I have ADHD, but if I did, I wouldn’t be shocked.  I feel like I can think of 3 things at once, but most likely that is just a feeling. I’m going to let you peek in on what my mind is like – feel free to skip it entirely!

No, seriously  At the moment is is 6:29 am.  I started compiling this post an hour ago. I had to find the quote, which I knew was on my tumblr, but how to touch tumblr without spending a moment or two? Did you know that for the first time the winner of project runway was a plus size woman who created a plus size fashion line and won! That’s awesome!  Oh writing, I went to tumblr to get a quote. Once I found the quote, I had to find the picture, which led me to find the ultimate no distraction writing tool-the Hemingway, which probably serves its purpose perfectly, but wow how depressing! You would want to write everything you could just to get away from that machine. It took Lin Manuel Miranda 6 years to write Hamilton – did you catch him on 60 minutes last night? (Of course I had to watch those stories again) Did I mention that I’ve also been “watching” the news?  Which I have absolutely no business doing when I’m writing anything.  They are going to test out the new Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons today, speaking of Thanksgiving, did you know that it is only 17 days away – what am I going to do this year?  I tried making a buttermilk pie last week, but I’m pretty sure the sugar measurements were off because how in the world can anyone eat something SO SWEET? oh wait – writing, I’m writing about writing oh mercy they are talking about politics on Good Morning America, eek oh yeah GMA is on now, and Dan Abrams – do you notice that his hair is kinda grey kinda not? Oh Charlie Brown Christmas is coming on November 30…. (It’s 8:40, what I didn’t write about were the conversations I had with my father and sister, the email I took a moment to write and the tea I went to make)

If I don’t turn off my phone, put on chair adhesive and make my focus intentional, as in:
No Television
No music (sometimes)
No favorite time wasting website
No Audible
Yes quiet
Yes cool.
I need to have razor focus on what I’m trying to do or the jumble above is what all of my writing would look like.
Some people do well with distraction free writing websites and internet freezing or locking apps.  If it works for you, and helps your productivity – why not go for it?  Distraction can sometimes be helpful for your creativity, but not so helpful for your productivity! Here are some links, but I’m warning you, if you aren’t interested in what they are offering they are just a distraction!

How to Write Without Distractions

Five of the Best Distraction Free Writing Tools

Distracted? It could Help Your Writing

Minimize Distractions When Writing: 4 Practical Tips


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