Who tells your story?


It equalizes us. Like being born and dying. No matter what happens in between – we all have a story.

In other news: Writing Day 8 –  Your story may be more interesting than mine. It’s still a story.  My story might be more intricate than yours – it’s still a story.  Throughout my life the story of an incident that happened when I was 2 years old has haunted me.  Some of it is not even true!  But that doesn’t matter.  Sometimes stories last a lifetime.
Everyone has a story.

And if I were to shamelessly plug Hamilton here, I would say that there is even a song about our stories and who tells them, because of course you know, the way your story goes might depend on who is telling it…

But I would never shamelessly plug Hamilton.  What do you take me for? Hey Mr. Miranda!

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