A Writer’s Tools 1


I use One Note. I write in a paper notebook just about everyday using a Pentel Pencil or an inky bank Pen. I know who Little and Brown are! And all of my personal journals are wire o.  Everyone’s tools are different. Don’t let not having the most popular or latest fad, stop you from writing.  Find what works for you, and rock your tools.

In other news – Writing Day 7 – I made it through college having never owned a computer, I had a word processor. The very first piece of mine that was published in 2009 was typed up on borrowed Word 2003 software.  It was a story that one of my students told me.  I saw God in it and wrote it down.
I tell you this because, the most important thing you bring to this table is you.  YOUR words. The  way you get your words out will change as time goes on.  It is your job to get them out! Don’t let what you might not have stop you from sharing what you do have.  I have computers now, I have current software programs, but if I do not write, nothing will happen.


Here are some links about writers tools.  What are your writing tools?

The Writing Tools of 20 Famous Authors
9 Tools For Writers Online
The Creative Writer’s Toolkit

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