Day 11 – We Shall Behold Him Pt. 2


It was another 10 years before I actually sought to know exactly who Jesus was and what the Gospel was – for myself.  The thing that always causes me to shake my head is the fact that I had spent my entire life in the church, but I was not sure why besides the fact that my parents went to church, so I had to go too. There was no other way to be.
That is how you were a “good girl”. I learned how to be a good girl, but not a God girl.
I knew of God, knew a decent bit about God, but I didn’t really know Him for myself.  How could I believe someone  I did not trust? How could I trust someone who I didn’t know? I had not intentionally pursued a personal relationship with God and now was the time. 

Over the last few years, I have started to see and know who He is,  I still have more to learn.  I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be. I still struggle with
understanding that salvation is a gift from God.  A gift is not something I have to work for.  Salvation is not something I have to earn. Salvation is not something that God snatches from me when I make mistakes. Sometimes to think of it is so overwhelming. How can someone love me so much? When I read the Bible for myself, and I got to know who God was for myself and understood what He did for me – for all of us. I couldn’t remain the same.
Listening to this song now, is not terrifying, it brings a feeling of longing. It’s
difficult here you guys. As much as we try to make our lives comfortable here on this
Earth, it is always in danger of changing in a moment. If you don’t thank God when you and your family get back into your home safely – you aren’t like anyone that I know. Don’t be like 19 year old me who somehow forgot that Jesus is coming again.  Jesus is coming again to save us!  This world is not our home.  So many people live in pain and fear, but do not know the way out. There is a way out.

We Shall Behold Him Lyrics

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

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