Strong Enough?

doesnt kill me

I’ve written more than I usually do, and yet none of it makes the blogs!

My summer hibernation is coming to a close.  Back to doctors and such come September.

I have big plans for this week.

My sister is doing a Daniel Fast.  I did one in March, but by the end of my two weeks, I was using a walker and needed the steroids, so instead of just taking things out of this week, I will also aim to put some things in…like more fruits and veggies!

As for taking things away, a Face Book fast is first and foremost.  I don’t post much, but I think I’ve been wasting a little too much time there.

Thinking about creating another pocket book.  The last one was of texts to help calm the heart and mind while waiting for the doctor…or waiting for anything at all.  It has brought me countless moments of comfort, and I hope that everyone I was able to share it with got something out of it.

Getting some form of exercise into my days.   I don’t want to, but I cant listen to my wants all the time :).  Gotta get some walks or some Yoga into my life!

 And a devotional about how we can miss something that is right under our noses (I’m REALLY good at that!).

Now hear this MS, I have things to do this week, so please step back and sit down – please?  I’m being as kind as I can.  Take a vacation, I won’t mind!

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