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If someone asks you what your dream is- would you know how to answer and how do you know it is your dream? Do you speak from experience ? Or is it a hope? why is something that you consider to be a dream – a dream?

Why is Donald Trump  not regarded as just pop news in all outlets?

I took a silly online quiz, who claimed that they could tell me who i was just by answering 20 questions

you are

#1 is right, and #5 partially right, depending on who you are

Can We Guess Who You Are in Only 20 Questions?



This is a shirt being sold at Target. Some people have no problem with this shirt – I’m not one of them. You are so much more than a trophy.  Do not claim that thing.  Do not allow anyone to peg you as such.

I’m off to find my beautiful family and pleasing career. Pray for me.

3 thoughts on “Why?

  1. I wouldn’t wear that t-shirt either. When my daughter was dating, she got a number of comments about not doing enough to be a good girlfriend, which her and I puzzled about before deciding it meant she wasn’t good enough arm candy. She was too opinionated, independent (especially financially) and not willing to play games.

    Thankfully her husband is not like that. He wanted someone smart, in technology like he was (and she is), not depending on him to do everything, and with parents that had a stable relationship. Her being pretty was a real nice plus, but he wanted more than arm candy.


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