why 3

If someone asks you what your dream is- would you know how to answer and how do you know it is your dream? Do you speak from experience ? Or is it a hope? why is something that you consider to be a dream – a dream?

Why is Donald Trump  not regarded as just pop news in all outlets?

I took a silly online quiz, who claimed that they could tell me who i was just by answering 20 questions

you are

#1 is right, and #5 partially right, depending on who you are

Can We Guess Who You Are in Only 20 Questions?



This is a shirt being sold at Target. Some people have no problem with this shirt – I’m not one of them. You are so much more than a trophy.  Do not claim that thing.  Do not allow anyone to peg you as such.

I’m off to find my beautiful family and pleasing career. Pray for me.