MS Mondays and Pinterest

Amazed1The past few weeks have been – strange.  Feels like I’ve been completely busy doing nothing much.  I’m so unbelievably tired, everything is a big effort.  I decided to try to move the MS posts in Hwip2 into its own space. I think it should have been much easier and taken less time than it did. It was surprisingly overwhelming, and really, there are only around 40 posts.  I also realized that next year will be my 10th year since diagnosis.  Wow.

I recently got a Pinterest account…no, not true.  I’ve had a Pinterest account for a while, I just recently started using it.  I always tried to stay away from Pinterest because I was certain that I would be lost for hours amongst my favorite thing – information!  When I realized that I could spend 15 minutes on Pinterest and my information fix was taken care of, I was happy to spend a little time there.  So far I have 9 public boards they include:

Essential (Oils)
My God Blog (If you’ve read Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe, you’ll get it)
My MS Blog
Veggie Yum-o (Vegetarian & Vegan)
Yum-o (Recipes)

Essentially, some of my very favorite things, which is probably why it only takes 15 minutes to feel fulfilled.  I just like the fact that I haven’t been swallowed up.  I purposely did not make a Music board to triple ensure this. I dont promise these will be all the boards I make.  Do you have a Pintrest board that you’d like to share?  Let me know!


2 thoughts on “MS Mondays and Pinterest

    • Thanks Nancy!! Im still learning how to make a successful pin, but I have notice the wealth information – and delicious looking smoothie recipes! I will look for you!

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