MS Monday – Instant Anti-Depressant – MS and Pets


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have a pet.  Other times I have absolutely 0 confidence in myself and am afraid that I would make a pet’s life miserable.

But what if I would take my dog out for a walk (along with my cane or walker),  even around the block, whereas I never would have before?  I don’t know what it is, I just have seemed super sensitive to the idea of having a pet for the past few days – so strange – for me.  I guess either way, I could not/ should not make such a huge decision on the heels of IVSM treatments.  I don’t know if my mind is back as yet!  I’m in the OUCH phase of post IVSM right now.  Maybe I am beyond emotional. What if I read this next week and I am like – what in the world was I thinking?

How much has a pet/pets improved your quality of life?

Here is a great article about MS and pets

Another great article about Dogs and MS

4 thoughts on “MS Monday – Instant Anti-Depressant – MS and Pets

  1. Why would you assume you’d make a pet’s life miserable? Do you know how little it takes to make them happy? You want to be careful to get something that matches your energy level, but pets are very resilient and patient. An older dog doesn’t need as much care or walking as a puppy. An older cat is likely to want to curl up and sleep, not be climbing the curtains. We have a 7 lb. miniature pinscher and he’s not a big fan of being walked (that happens when you’re prey!). He loves a good cuddle on the lap though.

    So, do some research, be careful to not choose something high energy, and think it over carefully. Pets are expensive. I think the bigger concern is whether you could afford it.


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    • I’ve never really had a pet Nancy, so perhaps, I’m just scared, that my dog will want to get out and go and my legs will feel as if they are in cased in cement – like they do today. You are the second person to mention the miniature pinscher though. Just thinking about the possibility of having a dog makes me happy. Thanks for the heads up about the cost. I know that I have a great deal of research ahead of me. Scary and exciting.

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  2. I have both a cat and a dog. The cat is slightly bigger than the dog! They both take naps on/with me. The dog is a papitsu (papillon/shih tsu mix) , and only weighs 5 lbs. She is six years old and really only eats, goes potty outside, and sleeps. I do take her for a walk at times, but sometimes when I don’t feel my best, someone else in the family takes her out. I would recommend a small dog. We had a medium sized mixed breed we got as a puppy, and very soon she got too big for me to handle.

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    • Your dog sounds so cute. I never heard of a papitsu before. I’m already learning so much. Im afraid that I wouldn’t be able to handle a bigger dog, but Im realizing that temperament has a great deal to due with a good match. My doctor once told me that she thought I was a cat person, all of my friends have cats – I think I’m a dog person, based on no evidence. Hehe, my sister thinks I will take care and love whatever pet I get. I think I would too..

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