MS Monday – IVSM Day 3

Many times when someone is undergoing the IV Solumedrol treatment, they get a burst of energy as they haven’t had before.

I do get a burst of energy, but it lasts for 45 minutes.  Then I’m like…


I am acutely aware that I don’t share many physical attributes with this lady, but we are totally on the same page!  I attempted to watch some old Murder She Wrote episodes on Netflix, but I fell asleep both times.  Kind of pointless. Ive had about a combined 5 hours of sleep in 2 nights. I don’t blame me.

2 more days to go.  I’m very grateful as the last time I was here, My medical team was enjoying a civil war.

Jesus and my awesome doctor took care of it.

It’s not always easy, but the hope and anticipation of feeling better bridges many feelings.

2 thoughts on “MS Monday – IVSM Day 3

    • Sometimes eventually :-). Like it usually helps my walking a bit, I still need my cane, but I get a walker break! Sometimes, my “MS hug” lightens a bit, and some of the numbness fades -But the side effects of the IV medicine sometimes causes my BP to shift violently, and that is SUCKY, I go from severe pain to utter weakness. Eeek, I made it to today though. Thank God! I’m so grateful.

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