Chosen not Cheated

MS WalkThis has been MS awareness month.  It was created to shed light on the life altering illness of Multiple Sclerosis.  It is unfortunate, but true – many people don’t know much about MS, and wouldn’t know anything about it at all if months like this did not exist.   If MS hadn’t hit close to my home, I don’t know if I would have been as interested.
I haven’t been able to be gainfully employed since I was 24 years old. My only full-time job for the last 10 years has been: patient.
Statistically, I should be destitute. My father is over 70 years old, and had no intention of still living in this country at this point in his life, he still goes to work everyday. There is no extra 70K lying around here, yet I’m still alive,  that is God’s grace.
Sometimes the way you are treated as a disabled person can be  dehumanizing.  Many people don’t care, and they don’t care that they don’t care.  At times, I have worried that I was becoming quite bitter, fighting with this depression does not help matters, but I take my concerns to God, and He listens to me, and He understands. He gives me rest and even peace if I allow Him.
I’m so very grateful to have a home to live in, and a caring family.  I wasn’t always grateful though – at times on this journey, being sick felt more like a cruel joke than anything wholesome, but I heard Priscilla Shirer say something one day that I’ve always remembered – You haven’t been cheated, you’ve been chosen.
I don’t know why God chose me, but I am grateful that He did. Most days :-).

Chosen not Cheated was originally published on His Work in Progress

6 thoughts on “Chosen not Cheated

  1. Thank you for sharing your inspiring thoughts. I am beginning to realize I need to write more than I do, to share like you do. That is the only way awareness will happen, especially for the people I know.

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    • If you write more to reveal more of what life is like for you Mlissabeth, that would be awesome. Some people will not understand, but some will and will appreciate knowing how you feel *hugs* how are you doing?


  2. Bitterness is an easy one to get into and hard to climb back out. It doesn’t serve us very well, obviously, but it’s hard to avoid / resist.

    I’m enjoying your blogs. Went off to see the grandson last week and am really busy catching up so not much by way of comments or responses yet.


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    • Hi Nancy! It’s because of how easy it is to fall into bitterness that it seems inviting on a hard day, but you’re right, it’s not helpful at all. Since it was the last week of the awareness month, I tried to write a little more. I found that having my mind occupied helped a bit with my mood. With the season slipping further into spring, my body isn’t happy, and for the past 3 years, I’ve needed a course of IVSM to get to feeling better, but this year my insurance has decided to be difficult. I’m not quite sure what’s going to happen but – I have to trust that Jesus will work it all out. I hope you had a wonderful time with your grandson! They grow up so quickly. I hope to see tons of pictures.


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