Dreading It

dreadA melt down.  A complete and total meltdown – I was freaking out.  I was in a situation that I had no idea how to face, and I was buckling under the thought of having to somehow someway, get through it! I had to make a way.  The feeling of dread was driving me insane.

I prayed, I read something I wrote about dealing with this type of situation, I read my Bible study for the day which was Mark 4 – when the disciples were in the boat in a rough storm and asked Jesus “don’t you care?” And Jesus responded “Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” And it was just for me I thought – did I still have no faith?  “Lord,” I prayed – “I am asking for you to help me, but I just don’t see how You can fix this.” And the picture of Kermit drinking tea that I shared with you last week came to me.  How God will fix it is not my concern.  I just needed to believe that He could, and that He would.

And He did. Despite my freak out, the Lord still helped me.  Thank you Lord.

This morning I listened to an interview with Kara Tippetts, a woman whose battle with cancer is ongoing.  She has a husband and 4 children, and limited time.  She shared the Bible verse she and her daughter claimed when the heavy feelings of what is coming came to them.  It was Proverbs 1:33 ESV  – “but whoever listens to me will dwell secure and will be at ease, without dread of disaster.”

While I still at times believe I must live life on my own, and that can be frustrating, God usually helps me to come around.  (Hello, I’m right here – just ask and believe) But this time it was clear – I didn’t listen, because if I had, I wouldn’t have had the feeling of dread.

If there is something that you are dreading – talk to God and then listen.  He will take the dread away.  Yes, the disaster might still come, but you won’t drive yourself crazy dreading it. You’ll know for sure that He will help you.  He does not leave us to handle it all on our own. Jesus is there for us.


Dreading It was originally published on His Work in Progress

2 thoughts on “Dreading It

    • The pastor who I listen to often reminds us that faith is believing beyond all we see around us. Trusting that God will do His job where we are concerned. Thank you for the encouragement Nancy!

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