Your Life Still Counts Online Bible Study


Starting March 16, Tracie Miles will begin the YLSC Online Bible study.  She and hundreds, perhaps thousands of  women will be reading the book, seeing what God has to say, and encouraging one another.  If you’ve ever thought that your life didn’t count, you should pick up this book.  It will encourage you.  If you want even more encouragement I invite you to join the Bible Study.

If you’ve read my 31 Days series, you’ll know that I have a great deal of difficulty with regular reading these days, but I’m going to try with this book.  Not only because my own story is in it, but because I believe that God has more to say to me through the stories of the other women in this book.

When we become overwhelmed by the world and what society is constantly pushing, it might be time to take a step back and quiet ourselves before God, and listen to what he is saying.

So I will bring my kindle reader (whose font size I can adjust!), my open heart, and Bible to this study*.  I invite you to do the same!

Sign up for Tracie’s blog posts in order to join.  Here’s more information

YLSC Bible Study

* (I will also bring an eyesight and attention span prayer!)

4 thoughts on “Your Life Still Counts Online Bible Study

  1. I loved reading that interview with you! And seeing a picture of the real you, not the caricature. My 25 cents – repost it on your blog. It’s a good story.

    I agree with you that your learning to handle this can be a blessing to someone else who is also struggling with a devastation of some sort. I’ve seen that with miscarriages. As hard as they are, the ones who can help the most are the ones who have been through it themselves.

    Thanks for sharing! That Bible study looks interesting, but I’m not sure it’s right for me at this time. I did like her blog though and will sign up for it.



    • Nancy, thank you so much for reading the interview and for commenting there, it was so nice to see a familiar face. When I said that this was out of my comfort zone, I really meant it because when I sent Tracie the photo to go with the interview she said, I just realized, Ive never seen you before! So I told her I believe it as Ive worked really hard to keep it that way! Then she needed a new picture! LOL, I told her, ok – God is bigger than my insecurities. And quite honestly, it’s not about me or my 101 hang ups. I did not share the interview much. just on the two blogs and two other internet friends who I’m not sure would read it – too Jesusy for one not jesusy enough for the other :). But I will follow your advice Nancy, and make it a page on my blog. Tracie showed me that the book is on ama.zo.ns top 100 page for that genre and I’m floored, but really that is what God can do. I just pray that I have represented Him properly. I pray. Thanks so much for your support *hugs*


      • We’ve been pretty good encouragers to each other despite the short time we’ve been friends. So yes, I think God is slowly pulling you out of your comfort zone. The MS makes things hard, but there are others who need encouragement from you on both bad days and good (which is why I suggested you follow Mlissabeth). It helps our spirit immensely to know we’re not the only ones struggling.

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      • I appreciate your encouragement so very much! and youre right about needing share on both good and bad days. When I’m having a really hard time, I tend to not post publicly or just post a song. I figure people dont want to read complaining – some people will tell you so! But it does help knowing you aren’t alone! Also I get it about a bible study group, not being a good fit. I once joined a single women;s group that I lasted all of 1 day and a half in. I just knew it wasn’t for me. Sometimes, you just know!

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