Are you a Blessing Blocker? Questions

Before you nitpick your way into oblivion, take a step back and reassess the entire situation. Ask yourself some questions:

1. Will this decision matter in five years? I think you’ll agree that the color of the awning on the house is not nearly as important as making sure the foundation of the house is not damaged. Each decision we make ultimately affects some part of our lives, but it is important to prioritize.

2. Is the situation non-negotiable? We all have things that we refuse to compromise on. Sometimes this is necessary, but other times we realize there really is no reason we should not try to reach a happy medium.

3. Are you ready for the changes to come? Change is at times quite difficult to accept. Sometimes, we unknowingly construct roadblocks in our own path so we will not have to endure change. We don’t make the time, we feign ignorance, and we refuse to share.

4. Have you Consulted God? What did He have to say about it?

Your Life Still Counts Online Bible Study


Starting March 16, Tracie Miles will begin the YLSC Online Bible study.  She and hundreds, perhaps thousands of  women will be reading the book, seeing what God has to say, and encouraging one another.  If you’ve ever thought that your life didn’t count, you should pick up this book.  It will encourage you.  If you want even more encouragement I invite you to join the Bible Study.

If you’ve read my 31 Days series, you’ll know that I have a great deal of difficulty with regular reading these days, but I’m going to try with this book.  Not only because my own story is in it, but because I believe that God has more to say to me through the stories of the other women in this book.

When we become overwhelmed by the world and what society is constantly pushing, it might be time to take a step back and quiet ourselves before God, and listen to what he is saying.

So I will bring my kindle reader (whose font size I can adjust!), my open heart, and Bible to this study*.  I invite you to do the same!

Sign up for Tracie’s blog posts in order to join.  Here’s more information

YLSC Bible Study

* (I will also bring an eyesight and attention span prayer!)