That’s all

NYC is shut down.  Ive never seen this before. They are predicting 12 – 24 inches. Im praying God will spare us some of that snow or send a good shoveler this way. With two senior citizens and one disabled person as the main tenants – snow storms are always an anxious time.  My father feels he is superman and tries to shovel everything – truth is he’s in his mid 70s and lives a mostly sedentary lifestyle.

Feels like a music night It calms me.  I haven’t heard this one in a long time.  Nice start. 🙂

There is an episode of I Love Lucy where a woman is singing this song.  She recounted singing it, and everyone seeming awkward and sheepish when she was done. She thought she had done a bad job, turns out that was the morning Lucy and Desi told everyone they were getting a divorce.  Everyone was sad… That’s All.


2 thoughts on “That’s all

    • Hehe. God heard my prayer, we only got about 10 inches here, but in manhattan it was even less. We had another snow/ice event today, and my brother in law was coming this way and so he shoveled, but there is more snow coming on Thursday and then again on Sunday! Winter is in full swing!


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