A.M. – Day 7 – Mary’s Lullabye

Today’s Reading:  Luke 2:1719

There’s something sacred about this song, perhaps it’s the way John Rutter arranged it, but there’s a still within that I’ve always appreciated.  Maybe it’s the thought that Mary probably did have a lullaby that she sang to her baby boy.  Maybe it’s the wonder that she was a real person, with real concerns about her child like any other mom has.  A real mom who wondered what her child would grow up to be…what exactly did it mean that he was the savior?  How would he save the entire world?   There would be time to work out all the ways it could happen before the cross actually came.  There would also be much time to think on His life and legacy after the cross went.  I imagine Mary held many, many things in her heart for the rest of her life. For now, for the writer of the lyrics of this song, Mary just wanted her tired baby to remain softly, soundly asleep; as any mother of a newborn would.

See the child that Mary bore
On her lap so softly sleeping
In a stable cold and poor
Ox and ass their vigil keeping

Sing lullaby, sing lullaby
My own dear son, my child
Lullaby, sing lullaby
Lullaby, my little baby

Flights of angels ’round His head
Sing Him joyful hymns of greeting
Peace on earth, goodwill to men
Each to each the song repeating

Shepherds kneeling by His bed
Offer homage without measure
Wise men, by a bright star led
Bring Him gifts of richest treasure

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