6 Things I Need you to know About MS



6 Things People Need to know about MS


1. MS is Unpredictable – The way I feel is sometimes minute to minute.

2. MS can be depressing – this is true, and more than just thinking about how life can/might/will change. A lot of MS happens in the brain – it can effect our emotions.

3. MS is neither contagious or a death sentence. You have (I’m not buying this one to be honest with you.) in many MS circles, you will see or hear – you can’t die from MS, you can die from side effects of MS…ok what am I missing? If I didn’t have MS I wouldn’t have that side effect. This is what I believe, I’m not telling you that you must believe it, I’m not inviting you to an argument to try to convince me otherwise.

4. MS can be invisible – Fatigue, my most severe MS symptom, is invisible, but it affects my life completely.  I cannot just take a nap and be ok.  I cannot keep up with you – talking on the phone can exhaust me. My MS makes itself known if I’m walking – I need a cane now. If you meet me and I’m sitting down, you wont see much more than tiredness – most of us have that.

5. MS is a constant battle – Some of us reminded each moment of the day that we have MS

6. MS has no cure. – Not yet.

My life is different, but it is mine.

8 thoughts on “6 Things I Need you to know About MS

  1. Are your friends and family supportive of your limitations? That’s what really makes the biggest difference in coping with a chronic illness.

    It’s a good list – I appreciated reading it.



    • My sister and her husband are very supportive Nancy, I thank God for them. My father, doesn’t fully understand it all, but he is also very helpful to me, but his family – hmm. Last week one asked if I was still sick, and it does not seem to matter despite lots of explanation. Having support makes all the difference, and I’m so grateful that my family didn’t just put me in a nursing home. It seems a popular option for young people. 😦 Thank you for reading it.

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  2. Maxine – I wanted to introduce you to another blogging friend of mine, Mlissabeth. I’ve known her for several years now and she lives not far from where I grew up in Illinois.


    Anyhow, I also left a comment at her blog about you. I don’t know how much you two have in common, but having MS is a big one. It helps to know others who are having the same struggles you are having, so I thought I’d introduce you. Sometimes my blog friends become friends with each other (like you & Queenie), so I wanted you to meet each other.



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