Today’s Tea

todaysteaThe sermon I heard this weekend was all about how Satan has used insecurity to destroy so many of us.  To keep us locked in a prison where we have access to the keys, but not the will to use them walk away from the prison and never return.  Sometimes it’s difficult.  Sometimes, you have to read, understand and believe Psalms 139 and have a cup of tea with really good advice on its tag.

Today’s Tea was originally published on His Work in Progress

2 thoughts on “Today’s Tea

  1. I love the tea bags with advice on them! I didn’t realize you had a second blog – do you post there regularly? Should I be subscribing to that also?

    Thanks for your comments on my own blog! I’m running a little answering them, but you left some really nice notes for me. I appreciate it!



    • Hi Nancy! Yeah, hwip2 is my original blog. I created 31days for the challenge, I have recently installed a plugin that will allow me to cross post, so for the most part I think they will be pretty similar., but I do wish to continue writing down important things in this blog. I will keep up that widget that shows what is on the other blog. Subscribing is completely up to you (I’m not good about list building)! if I ever have a giveaway or something and you have to be a subscriber to participate, I’ll add your name!


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