The first time I had the pleasure of witnessing the glory of a star-filled night sky, I was 18 years old.  I had just moved away to college.
I was in the country, for a retreat, away from all the lights of the towns and city, I grew up with.  In that little town the stars were the lights. I was awed, and had that feeling we all eventually experience when you realize  you are just a speck in the great cosmos.  I was humbled and grateful.
I now live in the city once again, and the stars are mostly muted by artificial light, but it doesn’t stop me from trying to see who has shone through.

I would like to be the star that shines through the artificial light. I would like to be the star that shines in someone else’s life. 😘😍

4 thoughts on “Stars

  1. Oh, to be the star that shines every day. I guess if the stars in the sky can’t shine brightly every night (or at least over the same part of the sky, at least), I should ease up on myself a bit.

    Oh, and speaking of stars, if you are ever in Chicago, be sure to visit the Adler Planetarium!

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    • We should all cut ourselves a break every now and then – I have the most difficult time doing that grr. I will absolutely visit if I ever get to Chicago. I really would like to visit Chicago one day! I’m not ashamed to say that the song -Pulaski at Night is a big reason why. I wonder if I should be.

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