Day 28 – Plant a Seed of Hope


When I was in my Junior year of college, one of my most treasured memories of my favorite old professor was when he took time out after a class to encourage me whereas my writing was concerned. At that time, no one had ever told me anything special about the things I wrote.   It was over 15 years ago, but I remember feeling significant in that moment.   God impressed him to mention something I wasn’t aware of and a whole new world was opened up to me. Perhaps it was the world that God had intended to begin with, but if he had not taken the time to encourage me – I never would have considered studying another subject. My life might have been a little different.


What if we, as God’s children, did our best to make sure we made the people we encountered each day felt significant, heard, cared for or loved – just as God does for us.  We’ve become so busy and inattentive that taking the time to simply have a conversation while looking someone in the eyes has become a rare event.   We are too busy with distractions to notice God’s hugs and kisses, and we have no time to encourage one another and remind each other of God’s love for us.  I have a challenge for you. I want you to encourage someone who might need encouragement, or a seed of hope planted in their hearts.     Dedicate some time to encouraging that person and lifting their spirits.  You just might brighten their day – of change their life.

Here is a Seeds of Hope project I did.  I’m hoping you’ll do a Seeds of Hope Project of your own!

Seeds of Hope

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

11 thoughts on “Day 28 – Plant a Seed of Hope

  1. As one of those girls who worked in the dress shop and tried my best to make each lady feel beautiful and valued, thank you for sharing your story with that girl and with all of us! Words have so much power if only we would remember to use it for good!

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    • That was a wonderful blog Nancy! I’m not very good at small talk, I mean if someone talks to me, I will talk to them, but I find it hard to just start talking to people. I grew up invisible, so I never had to worry about talking. But thanks for that great list of things you might say – I wonder if I could ever have the courage to talk to a stranger. Ill tell you if I do. I wish I were your neighbor, I could make some great tea with that mint and a wonderful sauce with that basil!


      • I’ve worked with some of my co-workers on this issue. Making chit chat and being more social is a skill you can learn like any other skill. People who are “born” with it most likely learned it by watching a parent or relative who was very social and they learned to do the same by imitation.

        Remember there are rude people out there, so you can try to make chit chat and have it blow back on you. Pick yourself up, remind yourself that you did nothing wrong, and keep practicing. Everyone thinks I’m such a master at it, but I had to learn it because I was so poor at socializing at work. Even recently I had a fairly massive failure at networking when I sat at a table of women who had smiled at me, then proceeded to ignore me for the rest of the lunch no matter what I said. It was so frustrating!

        Start small. Set a goal that the next time you go for groceries, you say hi to the cashier and ask either a) how are you doing or b) are you enjoying / not enjoying this weather. Each time you go out, make it a goal to say something innocuous to just one person. Keep practicing and it will get easier.

        Also consider joining Toastmasters. There are multiple clubs all over the country (Richmond alone probably has a dozen or more). Your employer may even have one. If the club is run correctly, it should be a safe place to practice social skills and networking and fail in. If you could do it right the first time, no one would need Toastmasters! Once again, set a goal to participate in every meeting. That doesn’t mean giving a speech. You could be the timer, answer a question at Table Topics, etc.

        I’ve copied this for myself. I think I need to develop this into a post on my blog!

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      • I think you should Nancy, I think others – especially if socializing is not a strength would be happy to read this. I was supposed to go out to the dr today, but my legs are not in the mood. But I hope to get out tomorrow, and my goal is to talk to the cashier! I will let you know how it goes. Once I lost some weight, I started to thaw, but then I got the cane. Invisible again! Not only that, I feel strange walking with my cane, and try to call as little attention to myself as possible, but I need to not embrace being invisible quite so much. It’s just comfortable, not necessary. I’m going to try it out! Hope I remember! hehe


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