Day 26 – Quick Mention


Stop a great deal of companies from tracking you online
Stop Facebook Tracking


Stop telemarketers from disturbing you
National Do Not Call Registry


Because you don’t want to regret not doing it
Back up your computer – The “absurdly”simple guide (I didn’t find it absurdly simple)



Strengthen your Body
I first joined SP all the way back in 2006, I did enjoy a measure of success with it. It’s been completely overhauled, so there are many new features now. Also the audience has changed a little. I only track there these days.

Drink this after you work out
5 Post Workout Drinks that put Sport Drinks to shame


Strengthen your Brain
Lumosity or Fit Brains – I’ve taken a 31days challenge break, but Nov 1 I will be back on the wagon.

I am taking part in the Write 31 Days Challenge.

Write it Down!

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